Home Health Billing Services

Zmed Billing Services has extensive experience in Home health billing. We provide a broad range of services to home health providers at the best affordable rate. Most of our home health clients are based in Texas, Ohio & Pennsylvania and we are expanding to other states.

Home Health Billing has become more complicated than ever as medicare changes are constant. We are always up to date in regards to medicare changes in billing regulations. Our home health billing experts are constantly attending seminars in other to be current. Here are the following services that we provide to home health providers;

  1. Oasis Data Entry & Transmission
  2. Coding & Editing
  3. Electronic Claims Submission
  4. Claims Follow up & Tracking
  5. Payment Posting & Remittance Advise
  6. Appeals & Denial Management
  7. Collections & Recovery
  8. Patient Financial Statement
  9. Cost Reporting
  10. Accounting & Consulting Services
  11. Home Health Billing Training
  12. Much More

Please call us at 1-800-705-1250 or send us an email at admin@zmedbilling.com for more information about our services and pricing. We charge a flat rate that ranges from 1% to 2% with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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